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    Blonde Exzesse (1987), Karin Schubert, Jean-Pierre Armand, Marina Kiss.

    Blonde Exzesse (1987)

    Cast: Karin Schubert, Jean-Pierre Armand, Marina Kiss, Giancarlo Busmani, Fiorella Sciotti.

    Description: An insatiable woman - upon request of her husband - goes to the psychologue, who suggests that she should live out her fantasies.

    FileName : Altri desideri di Karin (Blonde Exzesse) 1987.mkv
    Runtime : 1 h 5 min
    File Size : 1.36 GB
    Resolution : 720x480
    Audio Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3

    Altri_desideri_di_Karin_(Blonde_Exzesse)_1987.part 1.rar
    Altri_desideri_di_Karin_(Blonde_Exzesse)_1987.part 2.rar
    Altri_desideri_di_Karin_(Blonde_Exzesse)_1987.part 3.rar

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    Blonde Fire (1979), Jesie St. James, Dorothy Lemay, Kitty Shayne.

    Blonde Fire (1979)

    Cast: Jesie St. James, Dorothy Lemay, Kitty Shayne, Phaery Burd, Seka, Fatima Hamoud, John Holmes, Jon Martin, John Seeman, James Price.

    Description: South Africa provides the lush and exotic backdrop for this hard-boiled Johnny Wadd thriller. Hired to pick-up a four-million dollar diamond called the Blonde Fire, Wadd arrives in the Dark Continent with a suitcase full of cash and his gun loaded. In no time at all, Johnny has traded his cash for the diamond, and unloaded his big gun into a bevy of beautiful broads.

    Much to his chagrin, Johnny finds out he's been had - the diamond is a fake, and his women have all been spies for a notorious underground kingpin known only as Malcolm. In the seedy Capetown underground, Johnny uncovers a ring of jewel thieves controlled by Malcolm, as well as a gorgeous Moroccan bellydancer who engages him in one of the most erotic trysts in the annals of adult cinema.

    FileName : Blonde Fire (1979).avi
    Runtime : 1 h 25 min
    File Size : 1.37 GiB
    Resolution : 640x480
    Audio Codec : AC3


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    Heather Hunted (1990), Madison, Sunny McKay, Jake Steed, Mike Horner.

    Heather Hunted (1990)

    Cast: Actresses:
    Heather Hunter [Facial Swallow]
    Heather Sinclair
    Sunny McKay [Facial IR]
    Jake Steed
    Lance Heywood
    Mike Horner.

    Description: A decent good guy, bad guy/cops and robbers yam with Heather Hunter coming across as extremely likeable and vulnerable, Heather Hunted features hot sex scenes and relatively new faces.
    When Madison arrives at Heather Hunter's stately home to the strains of creepy music, you just know she's trouble. Hunter takes her in as a roomie anyway. It isn't long before they're enjoying a girl-girl gnasher on the staircase. Hunter strikes athletic poses and makes her trademark moan music. Madison emerges as a manipulative woman who has the knack of getting what she wants. Her mysterious "friend" Mike Horner suddenly appears asking about some film -- evidence in Madison's blackmailing scheme of a senator which eventually lands her in the morgue. Good production all around.

    Scene Breakdowns:

    Scene 1. Heather Hunter, Madison
    Scene 2. Heather Hunter, Madison, Mike Horner
    Scene 3. Sunny McKay, Jake Steed
    Scene 4. Heather Sinclair, Sunny McKay, Lance Heywood
    Scene 5. Heather Hunter, Jake Steed.

    File Name : Heather Hunted(1990).mp4
    File Size : 1.07 gb
    Resolution : MPEG4 Video (H264) 718x480
    Duration : 01:20:26

    Download - Heather Hunted(1990).part1.rar - 600.0 MB
    Download - Heather Hunted(1990).part2.rar - 496.8 MB

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    Les cuisses ouvertes de la logeuse (1994), Valy Verdy, Lolita, Severine.

    Les cuisses ouvertes de la logeuse (1994)

    Cast: Valy Verdy, Lolita, Severine, Sidonie, Sybille Zeyer as.

    FileName : Les cuisses ouvertes de la logeuse (1994).avi
    Runtime : 1 h 25 min
    File Size : 752 MB
    Resolution : 512x288
    Audio Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3

    Les_cuisses_ouvertes_de_la_logeuse_(1994).part1.ra r
    Les_cuisses_ouvertes_de_la_logeuse_(1994).part2.ra r

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    Menages a Partouzes (1983), Christine Chavert, Diane Suresne, Sylvie Door.

    Menages a Partouzes (1983)

    Cast: Christine Chavert as Christine Cuervo
    Diane Suresne as Maria Feffer
    Sylvie Door as Sabine Bardou.

    FileName : Menages a Partouzes.mp4
    Runtime : 59 min 14 s
    File Size : 1.54 GB
    Resolution : 704x576
    Audio Codec : AAC LC


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    Sweet Young Foxes (1983), Hyapatia Lee, Cindy Carver, Cara Lott, Kay.

    Sweet Young Foxes (1983)

    Cast: Hyapatia Lee, Cindy Carver, Cara Lott, Kay Parker, Eric Edwards, Pat Manning, Ron Jeremy, Bud Lee , Blair Harris, Carl Lincoln.

    Description: A group of young Southern California co-eds spend their days and nights on the prowl looking for ways to satisfy their red hot passions! Laura, Maggie and Kimberly are the three luscious lasses whose lives are going through tumultuous changes. They decide to descend on a rollicking party to remedy their loneliness. At the party Laura meets a former schoolmate, giving old torches a reason to light up and burn fiercely. Meanwhile the virginal Kim enters full womanhood at the hands of a dashing young man bent on satisfying their mutual lustful craving. Finally, Maggie finds an intriguing older woman with whom she discovers another side of her sexual hunger. Sweet Young Foxes... ah how sweet!

    FileName : Sweet Young Foxes.avi
    Runtime : 1 h 25 min
    File Size : 994 MB
    Resolution : 640x480
    Audio Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3


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    The Master of Pleasure (1988), Alicia Monet, Delia Moore, Jennifer Steel.

    The Master of Pleasure (1988)

    Cast: Alicia Monet, Delia Moore, Jennifer Steel, Kathleen Gentry, Kim Alexis, Renee Morgan, Samantha Strong, Billy Dee, Jack Baker, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Mike Horner, Paul DeLong.

    Description: In a ritzy penthouse, a passionate lawyer (John Leslie) lives the ultimate sex fantasy! Get ready to experience The Master Of Pleasure. and meet the beautiful, insatiable women who satisfy them. No sexual act is taboo. From the delicious thrill of domination and bondage. to illicit lesbian lust. and sizzling sex-toys sessions, the extravagant decadence of jet-set lust is laid bare. It's almost too much for any man to handle. But then, John Leslie isn't just any man!

    FileName : TMOP.avi
    Runtime : 1 h 13 min
    File Size : 944 MB
    Resolution : 576x448
    Audio Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3


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    Trans-action II (1984), Emmanuel, Jacques Waine, Cyrill Valin, Chris.

    Trans-action II (1984)

    Cast: Emmanuel, Jacques Waine, Cyrill Valin, Chris Larsen, Zoe Love, Sophie Parent, Jean Daunou, Mariane Violet, Brigitte Robert, Valerie Trubert, Pjotr Stanislas.

    FileName : Trans-action II (1984).avi
    Runtime : 1 h 23 min
    File Size : 866 MB
    Resolution : 480x368
    Audio Codec : AC3


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    Turbo Sex (1993), Rhonda Jo Petty, Seka, Serena, Tina Louise, Veri Knotty.

    Turbo Sex (1993)

    Becky Savage
    Kandi Barbour (as Candi Barbour) [Facial]
    Desiree Cousteau
    Desiree West [Clip]
    Georgina Spelvin [Clip]
    Jenny Baxter [Clip]
    Jesie St. James [Clip]
    Cara Lott (as Kara Lott) [Anal]
    Linda Wong [Clip]
    Lysa Thatcher
    Merle Michaels [Clip]
    Nathalie Zeiger [NonSex]
    Rene Bond [Clip]
    Rhonda Jo Petty (as Ronda Jo Petty) [Bald]
    Serena [Clip]
    Suzanne McBain [Anal]
    Tina Louise [Clip]
    Tina Russell [Clip]
    Vanessa del Rio
    Veri Knotty [Clip]
    Blair Harris (as David Blair) [Clip]
    Mike Horner (as Don Hart)
    Jacques Insermini
    Jamie Gillis
    John Holmes
    John Leslie
    Jon Martin
    Ken Yontz [NonSex]
    Kevin James (as Kevin Gibson)
    Mike Eyke
    Mike Ranger [Clip]
    Paul Thomas
    R.J. Reynolds [Clip]
    Starbuck (as Star Buck)
    Turk Lyon.

    "Luscious Cara Lott is joined by Ken Starbuck as she hosts this incendiary collection of original clips. Shot in 1983, 'Turbo Sex' brings together some of the industry's legendary talents in scene after scene of white-hot eroticism. Whether it's the Scandinavian curves of superstar Seka or the All-American allure of ravishing Rhonda Jo Petty, there's no shortage of sexy star power on display. It's a great way to catch up with some of the all-time greats of Golden Age porn, as these gorgeous gals go for bawdy broke. Whether matched up with men or women, singly or in groups, each luscious lady leaves every last ounce of passion right there on screen. It's Turbo-charged carnal mayhem that doesn't quit!"
    Scene 1. Jon Martin, Rhonda Jo Petty
    Scene 2. Kandi Barbour, Mike Horner
    Scene 3. Jacques Insermini, Nathalie Zeiger
    Scene 4. Cara Lott, Starbuck
    Scene 5. Becky Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty
    Scene 6. Vanessa del Rio, John Leslie, Suzanne McBain
    Scene 7. Seka, Turk Lyon
    Scene 8. Desiree Cousteau, John Holmes, Seka
    Scene 9. Becky Savage, Seka
    Scene 10. Becky Savage, Mike Eyke, Seka
    Scene 11. Paul Thomas, Seka
    Scene 12. Jamie Gillis, Seka, Lysa Thatcher
    Scene 13. Becky Savage, Kevin James, Mike Eyke
    Scene 14. Kandi Barbour, Mike Horner, Seka.

    FileName : Turbo Sex.avi
    Runtime : 1 h 15 min
    File Size : 700 MB
    Resolution : 640x480
    Audio Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3


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